Due to the COVID 19 virus the 2020 Trust Advisors Institute has been cancelled for this year.  We invite you to revisit this website next year and register for the 2021 Trust Advisors Institute which will be held June 4 – 13, 2021

Trust Advisors Institute (TAI)

Trust Advisors Institute (TAI) is an exceptional educational opportunity—whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to “brush up” on current practices and policies, or a newcomer seeking a comprehensive overview of the issues in your field.

As its name suggests, TAI originated as a program for bank trust officers, and it retains a strong focus on the fiduciary side of the trust and wealth management industry. It also offers value to managers and other employees of investment firms, trust companies, credit unions, RIA’s, accounting and law firms, retirement plan providers, supervisory agencies and non-profit administrators.

TAI is sponsored by Campbell University and the Trust Education Foundation, Inc., national leaders in trust and wealth management education. To find out more about Campbell’s Trust and Wealth Management degree programs and the Foundation please visit www. trusteducationfoundation.com. Here are the reasons why TAI is special:

Custom Designed and Personalized to Meet Your Needs and Career Goals…


Applicants MAY chose to enroll in the FIDUCIARY FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM ONLY. Fiduciary Fundamentals is well suited to provide the student the “big picture” at a very high level as to law, tax, estate planning, financial planning, investments, trust and estate administration, employee benefits, compliance, operations and sales. Fiduciary Fundamentals is the equivalent of Southeastern Trust School formerly offered by Campbell University.


Qualified applicants interested in more advanced training MAY chose to enroll in the ADVANCED PRACTICES PROGRAM ONLY. Graduates of the Fiduciary Fundamentals (formerly Southeastern Trust School); or an equivalent foundational trust education program are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Practices program bypassing Fiduciary Fundamentals. The ATFA certification examination will be offered the last day of the Advanced Practices program.

Interested applicants MAY and are also ENCOURAGED to enroll in BOTH THE FIDUCIARY FUNDAMENTALS AND ADVANCED PRACTICES PROGRAMS. Fiduciary Fundamentals and Advanced Practices are offered “back to back”. Upon successfully completing the Fiduciary Fundamentals examination, students advance into the Advanced Practices program and sessions. The ATFA certification examination will be offered the last day of the Advanced Practices program.


FIDUCIARY FUNDAMENTALS covers 11 topics of interest to professionals throughout the financial services industry:
  • Compliance
  • Estate Planning
  • Ethics
  • Fiduciary Law
  • Financial Planning
  • Investments
  • Employee Benefits/IRAs
  • Operations/Management of Specialty Assets
  • Selling/Relationship Management
  • Taxation
  • Trust and Estate Administration
ADVANCED PRACTICES covers 9 complex topics of interest to seasoned professionals throughout the financial services industry:
  • Advanced Case Planning Scenarios
  • Advanced Estate and Gift Planning Strategies
  • Advanced Investment Analysis
  • Advanced Taxation Seminar
  • Document Interpretation
  • Fiduciary Income Taxation Planning Strategies
  • Fiduciary Law Seminar
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Regulatory and Compliance Matters