Undergraduate Program

Averaging approximately 60 students in each class, the major courses in this program offer a variety of teaching strategies, such as; the extensive use of case studies, and role playing. Virtually all of the graduates of the undergraduate trust program will complete one or more paying summer internships.

Institutions with formalized internship agreements include U.S. Trust, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, BB&T, First Citizens Bank, SunTrust, Peoples United, First Tennessee, City National, and Merrill Lynch Trust. These internships are located across the U.S. in several cities, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Atlanta.

Because of the uniqueness of the program, students enjoy several special resources. For example, the Gilbert T. Stephenson Trust Library is among the best collections of trust literature in the country. Students also participate annually in a special session of the Trust Advisors Forum at Pinehurst. As a result of the efforts of the faculty, the placement director, and the Trust Education Foundation, Inc., trust majors enjoy a nearly 100% placement rate upon graduation.

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You may also contact the Trust Program Director, Jimmy Witherspoon, at 910-893-1387 or witherspoon@campbell.edu.

“On the surface it may appear that the focus of a Trust professional is solely managing assets. Graduates quickly realize the focus of their work is to help people in some of their most critical times of need. During the advisement process, a Trust professional naturally develops a personal relationship with families and individuals.”
Jimmy Witherspoon, Director of the Trust & Wealth Management Program.