The 2021 Trust Advisors Institute has been cancelled out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19 concerns.  We encourage you to revisit this site in the fall of 2021.  You will be able to register online for the 2022 Trust Advisors Institute which will be held June 3-12.

Trust Advisors Institute (TAI)

TAI is sponsored by CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY, a national leader in trust and wealth management education. Trust Advisors Institute (TAI) is an exceptional educational opportunity—whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to “brush up” on current practices and policies, or a newcomer seeking a comprehensive overview of the issues in your field.

As its name suggests, TAI originated as a program for bank trust officers, and it retains a strong focus on the fiduciary side of the trust and wealth management industry. It also offers value to managers and other employees of investment firms, trust companies, credit unions, RIA’s, accounting and law firms, retirement plan providers, supervisory agencies and non-profit administrators.

To find out more about Campbell’s Trust Advisors Institute visit Trust Advisors Institute.

ATFA Certification

CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY is proud to offer the ATFA Certification to the financial services industry and to fiduciaries nationwide. Over 1,000 trust professionals have acquired the ATFA Certification over the last decade and it is quickly becoming a new “Gold Standard” for true fiduciaries.

The ATFA Certification is available to ALL fiduciaries whether they are serving their clients with banks, credit unions, independent trust companies, broker affiliated trust companies, wealth advisory firms or law firms offering trust services. In an increasingly complex, litigious and regulatory environment, never has the need been greater for trust professionals well versed in, and with a demonstrated mastery of, the very highest level of fiduciary expertise. A trust professional holding the ATFA Certification will, in every sense have demonstrated that they are ready to face those challenges.

To find out more about Campbell’s Accredited Trust and Financial Advisor certification visit ATFA Certification.