Steven Wujek

Steven Wujek serves as a Network & Security Architect for TCDI, Inc. in Greensboro, NC. He is tasked with designing and protecting TCDI’s legal E-Discovery, legal Review and litigation document management from cybersecurity threats. Steven also works with TCDI’s clients serving as a Cybersecurity Consultant, virtual CISO/CTO, cybersecurity speaker and Expert Legal Witness. For over 25 years, Steven has been designing, protecting, and securing enterprise computer networks, having worked for the likes of AT&T, American Express, Arthrex Medical Devices, UPS, Polo Ralph Lauren, US Dept of Justice (DoJ) and US Dept of Defense (DoD). While now expired, Steven held a Top Secret and Secret Security clearance for the DoD guarding networks for the Navy’s Ballistic Missile Submarine Fleet. He is also a regular attendee and frequent speaker at black-hat conferences and cybersecurity events and in 2021, Steven was chosen as an ‘alternate Speaker’ for Black Hat’s annual Conference in Las Vegas. Steven has vast technical experience in the banking, manufacturing, legal and medical arenas and is a subject matter expert on applying regulations, laws and standards, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FDA, NIST and GDPR, as they pertain to advanced computer networks.

Over the course of his technical career, Steven has obtained many advanced certifications from companies including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, SANS, ISC2 and the DoD. Steven is a Chemical Engineering graduate of LSU in Baton Rouge, LA. It was while working as a Chemical Engineer with Georgia-Pacific Corp. performing chemical compound computer modeling that he eventually transitioned over to Network Engineering.