Southeastern Trust School

Southeastern Trust School, now in its 51st year, is one of the Trust Education Foundation’s educational programs.

SETS is an exceptional educational opportunity — whether you’re a seasoned financial veteran looking to “brush up” on current practices and policies, or a newcomer seeking a comprehensive overview of the issues in your field.

As its name suggests, SETS originated as a program for bank trust officers, and it retains a strong focus on the trust industry. But it also offers value to managers and other employees of investment companies, brokerages, accounting and law firms, retirement plan providers, and benefits administrators.


SETS covers 12 topics of interest to professionals in many different financial and legal disciplines:

  • Compliance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Estate Planning
  • Ethics
  • Fiduciary Law
  • Financial Planning
  • Investments
  • IRAs
  • Operations Management of Specialty Assets
  • Selling/Relationship Management
  • Taxation
  • Trust Administration
  • Investments
  • IRAs