CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY is proud to offer the ATFA Certification to the financial services industry and to fiduciaries nationwide. Over 1,000 trust professionals have acquired the ATFA Certification over the last decade and it is quickly becoming a new “Gold Standard” for true fiduciaries.

The ATFA Certification is available to ALL fiduciaries whether they are serving their clients with banks, credit unions, independent trust companies, broker affiliated trust companies, wealth advisory firms or law firms offering trust services. In an increasingly complex, litigious and regulatory environment, never has the need been greater for trust professionals well versed in, and with a demonstrated mastery of, the very highest level of fiduciary expertise. A trust professional holding the ATFA Certification will, in every sense have demonstrated that they are ready to face those challenges.

Why Campbell University?

Campbell University has been the leader in trust education nationwide for over 50 years. As the first and only institution in the country to offer an undergraduate degree program in trust and wealth management, it additionally offers a Master of Trust and Wealth Management (MTWM). Today, almost 2,000 trust alumni serve the nation’s premier financial institutions as the senior managers of both today and of tomorrow. The University, in conjunction with the Trust Education Foundation, hosts the Trust Advisors Forum at Pinehurst…the largest “trust” conference in the country. Campbell University also offers the Trust and Financial Advisors Institute (formerly known as Southeastern Trust School) now in its 51st year.

Campbell offering the ATFA Certification to the industry is a culmination of the University’s commitment to, belief in and love for the trust profession. It should also be noted that the fees associated with ATFA will flow into trust scholarships for the students majoring in trust at Campbell. That means that by pursuing and holding the ATFA Certification, you will be making an important investment in the future of the industry.

“ATFA Certification is a new gold standard for fiduciaries”