Costs of Certification and Maintenance

The ATFA Certification is designed to be affordable. The cost of ATFA certification and maintenance is as follows:

  • ATFA Application Fee – $100
  • ATFA Examination Fee – $100
  • ATFA Annual Renewal Fee – $100

For ATFA applicants not eligible to “grandfather” the costs are as follows:

  • Trust Advisors Institute—Fiduciary Fundamentals – $1,695
    (The cost includes the program, materials, housing and all meals)
  • Trust Advisors Institute—Advanced Practices – $900
    (The cost includes the program, materials, the ATAFA application and examination fees, housing and all meals)
  • Both the Trust Advisors Institute–Fiduciary Fundamentals And Advanced Practices – $2,495

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“ATFA Certification is a new gold standard for fiduciaries”